Car Rental Terms & Conditions

The information contained in this section highlight general terms and conditions, which pertain to Thrifty Car Rentals services.

The package

When you book a Thrifty vehicle you can be sure that the one price will include all of the following:

  • Unlimited mileage / kilometres
  • Local taxes i.e. V.A.T
  • Third party insurance with excess (deductible) to the amount of:
    • GROUP A, B, B1 - EUR 650
    • GROUP C, C1, D, D1 - EUR 800
    • D2, G, G1 - EUR 850
    • GROUP J1, H, K, K1, L, L1 - EUR 1000
    • GROUP M, M1, M2 - EUR 1200
  • Local taxes
  • Road maps
  • Change of a car in case of mechanical breakdown (24 hour service)
  • Radio or tape or CD players in all cars
  • Safety belts in all cars

Not included:

  • Super Damage Waiver (S.D.W)
  • Additional Damage Waiver (A.D.W)
  • Fuel charges
  • Parking fees
  • Traffic fines
  • Additional driver charges
  • Younger / older driver’s charges
  • Optional extras, i.e. child seats, ski racks, etc. 

Super Damage Waiver (S.D.W)

By acquiring S.D.W, you can eliminate the excess liability in the event of an accident for the daily amount of:

  • GROUP A,B, B1 - EUR 10.00
  • GROUP C, C1, D, D1 - EUR 12.00
  • D2, G, G1 - EUR 15.00
  • GROUP H, K, K1, L, L1 - EUR 25.00
  • GROUP S, S1, M1, M2 - EUR 50.00

Please note: S.D.W does not cover roof and interior.

Additional Damage Waiver (A.D.W)

Insurance and/or S.D.W does not cover tires, windscreen and oil sump. Liability to the above can be waived if A.D.W is acquired for the amount of:

·         6.00 EUR per day for groups A, B, B1,

·         10.00 EUR per day for groups C, C1, D, D1, D2, G, G1

·         15.00 EUR per day for all other groups.

Fuel charges

Customers are not charged for the fuel upon pick up. Cars should be returned with the same quantity of fuel to avoid any fuel or refueling charges.

Refueling charge equal to 10.00 EUR is paid by the customer for missing fuel plus the amount of missing fuel

Parking fees / traffic fines

These rates do not provide coverage for extra costs incurred by the customer for expenses such as parking or tolls for using roads etc. Should the driver of the vehicle commit any offence whilst driving the hire vehicle, any fines or legal charges thereof will be the sole responsibility of the driver. Thrifty Car Rentals accepts no responsibility for any violations committed during the hire of the vehicle.

Additional driver charges

Each Thrifty vehicle is rented to a specific single driver. The renter may add extra permitted drivers in accordance with Thrifty Car Rental standard policies at a supplemental charge of EUR 4.50 per day per extra permitted driver where applicable.

Younger / older driver charges

An age restriction applies in Cyprus for drivers under 25 or over 65 years of age. A fee of EUR 5.00 per day will be applicable for these drivers per rental, to allow them to drive by issuing a special insurance. In order to avoid this charge the renter must be at least 25 years of age or the holder of a valid driving licence for at least 3 years, or under 65.

Optional extras

A range of optional extras not listed on the website may be available upon pick up depending on location, season or availability, such as roof racks, ski or bike racks, snow chains etc. It is recommended that these be requested at the time of booking. Although these can be added to a booking and your representative in Cyprus will be happy to assist and take additional payment when you collect your car, no guarantee of their availability will be offered prior to collection of your car. Please note that child seats are required by law for small children. Child seats should be requested at time of booking, all confirmed requests are guaranteed. Price: 4.50 EUR per day.

Rental period

A rental day is based on a 24 hours period, there is no provision for part day rentals in these rates, and therefore no discounts will be made for vehicles returned prior to the completion of a 24hour period.

Minimum rental period

We no longer incur any minimum duration restrictions on our car rentals.

Seasonal charges

All rates are based on the seasonal rate from which the rental commences irrespective of the date of return.


Customers will be asked to supply a major credit card for deposits of fuel and / or extras, should the customer not possess a major credit card, a cash sum amounting to the approximate value of the fuel and extras may be required.


Rental charges minus the online deposit paid during booking are payable in advance by cash or credit cards. Personal cheques are not accepted. A valid credit card must be presented irrespective of payment method.

One way rentals

Can be arranged for 20.00 EUROS, please call for more information.

Flight information

It is essential for airport pickups that the correct flight number and arrival time be advised before the customer departs. In the event that this information is not available at the time of booking please be sure to advise ‘Thrifty Car Rental’ at least 3 days prior to departure. Although ‘Thrifty Car Rental’ will always do its utmost to ensure a car is available for the customer on arrival, no responsibility will be accepted or compensation offered for a failed rental due to the customer providing information late.


Customers may upgrade to another class of vehicle locally upon arrival. Upgrades are subject to availability and fees for upgrades will be determined locally at time of rental. Customers must pay all fees for upgrade locally and local Tour Representatives shall not discourage customers from upgrading.

Driving Licence

Drivers must produce a full valid driving licence for their country of residence, held for at least three years. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that he / she has the appropriate driving licence. If the driver has any endorsements on the licence the rental may be refused. No refunds will be given for rentals rejected due to non-production of a driving licence or non-disclosure of endorsements.

Rental voucher

The rental voucher must be produced when collecting the rental car. ‘Thrifty Car Rental’ is not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers. If a voucher is stolen it must be reported to the police and to ‘Thrifty Car Rentals’ immediately.

Provision of cars

Local licensees can refuse to supply a vehicle should they in their reasonable opinion deem the driver to be in anyway unfit to drive the vehicle. In these cases your contract will be terminated immediately and no further compensation given.

Extension of rental:

Should you wish to extend your rental beyond the agreed date of termination, it is important that you visit our nearest office 48 hours in advance so that insurance coverage is extended and relevant amount for rental is paid.

Returning your car

Unless you have arranged to extend your rental, your car should be returned to the agreed location. If you fail to return the car on time, you will be charged for the delay accordingly.

Car type / suitability

Reservations are only accepted by car group and not by car make / model. Specific car models are subject to availability at the time of pick up.

Full condition: All renters are subject to the full conditions which are detailed on the back of the rental agreement and said conditions should be read at the time of rental.


  1. Any deposit is non refundable once the order is placed. Should full payment be paid in advance a refund may be issued minus a 30% fee.
  2. The renter shall not take the car or allow the car to be taken outside the area controlled by the government of the Republic of Cyprus. All the insurances exclude damage caused by driving on any loose surface roads. Any damage thus caused will be the client’s responsibility.

Concerning more extended rentals, please contact us for discounted rates.